C. K. MØrrison

About Me

Although young, I have a good eye for what looks good yet still appropriate for the task and a wild imagination that enables me to think of weird and wonderful ways to take new and interesting shots for my clients. I care deeply about customer satisfaction and am no stranger to going above and beyond to ensure a good finished product. I think it’s important to get to know my clients’ tastes, such as what music they like, or what angles they don’t like being shot from, so I can use that knowledge and incorporate it into the video or photos I am personalising for them. Similarly when doing some events, for example a wedding, I will discuss the shoot with the bride and groom prior to the event to ensure that I am properly capturing this unique event.

I have a wide range of clients, ranging from professional performers to families wanting portraits. I am very open minded and I like to try experimental ideas. For instance, if you were looking to shoot something that I don’t advertise as one of my services, then no problem. Contact me and we can arrange a meeting to discuss the idea further.

Yes, very. This is a new company and I believe our prices are very competitive. My costs cover my labour, travel and if needed, accommodation. I do offer certain deals and packages regarding weddings and other events, and as I said, I am open minded, so if you have a weird and wonderful idea then I’m sure we can sort something out.

Unless otherwise stated, it will be supplied to you on a custom-made 8GB Chukwa Media USB drive.

In Hindu mythology, there is a turtle named Chukwa, who carries the world on its back. I thought this was an appropriate image for a contemporary media company, given the global nature of modern communication.

I keep my files indefinitely. This way if you lose the USB provided, I will always have a copy. Furthermore, having the backup allows me to review my work periodically, both in search of inspiration for new ideas, and as a way to ensure that I remain current in the market place.

Yes I am always looking to explore new ideas, and if you have something you’d like to be photographed or filmed I am more than happy to have a sit down with you and discuss the idea further.

I take card and cash payments. Usually there’s a down payment which which varies according to cost of the requested service, and the rest is paid after the event. Once I’ve received the full payment then you receive the finished product. However sometimes I offer a monthly payment plan for such things as weddings and other events which can be discussed in further detail.

I am based in Cambridgeshire, however am no stranger to travelling. So no matter the distance, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Click contact and get in touch! Or if you’re after something simple such as headshots or portraits then feel free to book now. Look forward to hearing from you!