Calum Morrison

CK Morrison is a photographer based in the UK. Over the last four years, he has worked as a director, writer, producer, and photographer in the content creation industry. In each incarnation, his mission has been to create and share deeply personal and entertaining stories that speak to us 

He believes storytelling is an integral part of any business structure, as it is in life because it resonates deeply with each and every one of us. Who are you? What do you stand for? What can we do for you?  

Stories are often found in unlikely places, which he has seen for himself having travelled extensively to various parts of the world. He recognises the benefits of bringing an open mind and broad imagination to his work. His favourite destinations include Kruger National Park and South Africa in general, Angkor Wat and Vietnam.   

Sometimes it only takes one frame: stories have been told in a single frame since the beginning of recorded history; from cave paintings and engravings to the more modern mediums of canvas paintings and photographs. Sometimes the story is better told in a series of pictures, or in a video.  One size definitely does not fit all!

He has received two scholarships from the National Youth Film Academy in London where he excelled, going on to create The Collective, a network of creative professionals that acts as a bridge between creators and businesses. The Collective will continue to evolve in step with clients’ desires.

If you have CK Morrison in mind for a project please don’t hesitate to reach out.